Evanston Paper and Packaging offers provides many sizes of stretch wrap to keep your materials safe and secure while in storage or transit.

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Our Stretch Wrap Products

Evanston Paper offers two kinds of stretch wrap, blown and cast. Blown stretch wrap is produced when resin is melted and extruded through an annular die, then air-cooled. This is a slower process but provides for higher quality stretch wrap that is stronger, more puncture resistant, and protective overall. Cast stretch wrap film is extruded through a slot die, then passed over cooling rollers. This makes the cooling process faster, and the final product less expensive, and thin enough to allow RFID and other scanning technology to pass through it.


  • Clear, glossy finish to accommodate RFID and other scanning technology
  • unwinds more quietly than blown stretch wrap.
  • Available as Hand Wrap and Machine Wrap

Cast sizes we offer

  • Hand/Cast – 18” x 1500′ x 63 Gauge
  • Machine/Cast – 20” x 5000′ x 63 Gauge
  • Machine/Cast – 20” x 5000′ x 80 Gauge
  • Machine/Cast – 20” x 9000′ x 55 Gauge


  • Tougher and more puncture resistant
  • Higher load and stretch capacity
  • Higher level of cling
  • Available as Hand Wrap

Blown sizes we offer

  • Hand/Blown – 18” x 80 Gauge x 1500’

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